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Kvinde, 26 år

“I feel that this program which combined physical activity, monthly 1 on 1 meetings with Rikke (who provided us not just with examples of good physical activity, but also valuable suggestions and advice to issues each of us have, health wise), social lunches, gave me more than what I have expected from a program like Getfit.

Honestly, I thought there will be solely training – which would have been great as well, but Rikke’s personal involvement made me be much more involved and willing to do this.

I feel that I am finally on the right track. I definitely feel stronger. Since my first meeting with Rikke (before the training program begun) I have started paying more attention to my meals, and generally my eating habits. I think the most important is that now I am finally prioritizing the physical exercise and I am working towards building this activity into a habit. Also, one of the things that makes me extremely happy is that I have included biking to work in my everyday life (as Rikke advised), thing which I have not really considered in the past year since starting at COWI and probably wouldn’t have considered without the Getfit program.

Yes, I feel stronger and have more resistance when doing physical activity. I am much happier with myself. I was slightly disappointed with myself for not doing much physical activity and for not managing to push myself to do it. But this is fortunately not the case anymore 🙂

Rikke seems to me very well prepared and more than anything, dedicated to us and the program, which contributes a lot into making us be dedicated. I am extremely glad and very pleased to see that Rikke got involved with each of us individually and tailored training programs (that we do individually) for each of us based on our wishes and needs. I like very much that she pushes us during the sessions not to give up and do until we literally can’t anymore. People who are not used to doing sports/training clearly need someone that shows interest and pushes to carry out the exercises, since giving up is very easy. I also believe that Rikke’s idea to make a facebook group where we could share pictures with our individual trainings, good recipes and other useful and healthy ideas was great. Also, it supports the social interaction between us, which lead to making the training session more enjoyable as we are familiar with one another.

All in all, joining the Getfit program was the most inspired idea and I am more than glad to have done it.”